Demon Slayer Season 1 Episode 3: Sabito and Makomo- Review

This next episode is the training episode, where we see Tanjiro’s training under Urokodaki, who we met last time. After a while, Urokodaki has taught Tanjiro everything he needs, and success or failure depends on how well he can internalize those lessons both mentally and physically. With this, he gets just a little bit of help from some surprising sources. 

This episode is just really well done, there are a few reveals in here that humanize Urokodaki quite a bit and elevate this beyond the obligatory shonen training episode/arc. It also goes further to demonstrate just how dedicated Tanjiro is to his goal of saving Nezuko. Overall, I really like this episode. It could’ve been pretty thin but it actually has a lot more depth than I expected from a training episode like this and I love just how much it contributes to the characterization of Tanjiro and Urokodaki. 

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