Coming Back and Moving Forward

Hey guys, this is just going to be a quick update post. I just finished my last midterm (they all went well, by the way), and I’m ready to get going on writing again. I did some thinking during the time I took off for midterm, and I’m going to start doing things a bit differently moving forward. I have a lot of different things that I’d love to share with you guys, but I just don’t have time to write more than one post per week, and to be completely honest with you guys, I was starting to get a little burnt out talking about the same subject every week. Self-Care Sundays will still be a thing; they just won’t be every week anymore. This way, I can write about a wider variety of topics, and when I do write about self-care, it’ll be much more organic. That’s it for this time. I’ll see you guys next week with some new content!

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