Demon Slayer Season 1 Episode 1: Cruelty- Review

Tanjiro Carrying Nezuko Down the Mountain

“Whenever Happiness is Destroyed, it’s always followed by the smell of blood…” – Tanjiro Kamado

Enter Tanjiro, a hardworking, good-natured, and helpful young man who’s working himself to the bone to provide for his mother and five younger siblings since the death of his father. He tells us that while he and his family don’t have the easiest life, it is a happy one. 

That… doesn’t last long…

This is such a gripping start. It begins with a ridiculously effective cold open of Tanjiro fighting his way through snow and wind with Nezuko on his back. We’re immediately asking what on earth happened. It’s beyond unsettling, which carries over to when we flashback to the previous day and see what led up to it. The scenes with Tanjiro with his family before all hell breaks loose have a bittersweet aftertaste because we already know that this contentment and safety won’t last long. 


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