Yashahime Episode 19: Princess Aiya’s Beniyasha Hunting- Review

A battle Between Friends

In this episode, the daughter of the deputy shogun arranges for an exhibition match between the demon slayers and the bounty hunters. Moroha get roped in due to her debt to Juybei. Setsuna grudgingly agrees to participate on the condition that the whole thing is kept a secret from Towa.

Towa is concerned when she hears Moroha say something about a big fight and Setsuna is nowhere to be found, so she decides to go after Moroha herself. This puts her at odds with bith Setsuna and the demon slayers. 

This episode gets a bad rap. I don’t think that’s necessarily deserved. It’s a really fun episode, and brings the current state of the relationships between all the main characters. I admit it’s an odd spot for a filler episode, but I really don’t think the episode itself deserves all the negativity that it gets. 

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