Yashahime Episode 18: Sesshomaru and Kirinmaru- Review

Sesshomaru Intervenes

This episode picks up right where the last episode leaves off, with Towa and Setsuna finally breaking through the trap and confronting Konton face to face. After a short battle with Konton, the trap disappears and they meet up with Moroha, who is fighting with Totetsu. 

Totetsu decides to flee and leads the three girls all the way to Kirinmaru’s ship where they finally come face to face with him. A battle begins, but Sesshomaru intervenes and fights with Kirinmaru instead. 

I actually enjoy this episode more than part one of this little mini arc. We get our first glimpse of Kirinmaru, which is good plot progression. Plus, Sesshomaru’s intervention to stop the battle was good to see and helps to provide some insight into his murky motivations. He can claim all he wants that he didn’t step in to stop Towa and Setsuna from getting involved in a battle they couldn’t win, but I think it’s pretty clear that’s exactly what he did. Which tells us that he does in fact care about his daughters, which leaves the audience to wonder about the truthfulness of the Tree of Ages’ ominous prophecy about Sesshomaru and Kirinmaru, what the real nature of their connection is, and what that means for whether or not the girls will have to follow through on the Tree of Ages request. I like episodes like this, that leave us with so much to chew on. 

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