Yashahime Episode 16: Double-Edged Moroha- Review

This is the Moroha backstory episode. When Moroha comes face to face with her former master, we learn how she ended up being a bounty hunter and how she wound up in so much debt.

I find this episode a fun one to watch but the master’s reasoning for putting her student into so much debt (around $15,000 in today’s terms) and then abandoning her the way she did just make her seem unlikable. Plus, in other things she does it seems like she really cares about Moroha, so having her do something so selfish as to basically sell her off as an indentured servant is just confusing. I’m still really not sure what the point of that was. Up until this point I thought that maybe Moroha had asked for a loan from Jyubei to look for information about her parents’ disappearance. That would’ve really helped deepen Moroha’s character, connect her backstory to the main plot, and humanize Jyubei a lot more effectively than this did. I really think this was a missed opportunity. 


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