Yashahime Episode 15: Farewell Under the Lunar Eclipse- Review

Inuyasha and Kagome

The 15th episode is a flashback episode that finally gives us a much bigger window into what happened to our favorite characters from the original series. It also shows the viewer how Towa and Setsuna wound up alone in the forest, and how Moroha ended up alone.

I thought this was a really good episode, but I do wish this had been a two parter so that we could have spent just a bit more time here and seen a few things fleshed out a little more. It did confirm 100% that Rin was, in fact, Towa and Setsuna’s birth mother. Personally, I didn’t question that at all. I don’t know why that was up for debate in some people’s minds when there’s literally no other human in the world Sesshomaru would have kids with, and we already knew that he was their father. What I am surprised by though, is that Sesshomaru didn’t correct what he did with Inuyasha and Kagome after the initial danger had passed. It makes me wonder what his actual, long term plan was; and that’s a question that we still don’t have good answers to.

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