Yashahime Season 1 Episode 12: The Night of the New Moon and the Black Haired Towa- Review

This episode shows Towa losing her demon powers during the first new moon since her return to the Feudal Era. Meanwhile, Konton uses a demon who was once human to try to steal the girls’ rainbow pearls. 

I have a very love/hate relationship with this episode. While I do enjoy it, it’s probably the most problematic in terms of lore thus far. The issue is that YashaHime is not a stand-alone series. It’s a sequel, meaning that it inherited a lot of its lore and world-building. This becomes a problem when the explanation of why Towa loses her powers on this night in the feudal era but not in the modern era doesn’t make a lot of sense. Nor does it make sense that Setsuna and Moroha get to keep their powers regardless of the new moon, and the explanations don’t do a great job of justifying it. Still, I do find it to be a very enjoyable episode as long as I don’t let my inner analyst run wild.

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