Yashahime Season 1 Episode 10: The Gold and Silver Rainbow Pearls- Review

The girls are told to go to a village that has demons rampaging in it. It turns out the area is the site of a battle between a pair of Ka demon brothers. Ka demons are always born as conjoined twins who spend their lives fighting for dominance until one consumes the other, and that’s what these two are doing until they realize that Towa and Setsuna have rainbow pearls. The brothers take possession of Towa and Setsuna in order to steal their rainbow pearls, but when they return to their tribe leader with them, she turns on the brothers and starts consuming one of them.

Not wanting to see his brother be killed by anyone but him, the other brother asks for Towa and Setsuna’s help to save his brother.

This one may not seem all that important, but it’s an important step forward for Towa and Setsuna’s characters and hints that Setsuna’s memories might be more buried than lost. So even though it doesn’t move the main plot that far forward, I still think it’s a worthwhile episode.

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