Yashahime Season 1 Episode 9: Meifuku the Meioju- Review

In this episode, the girls are sent to track down a demon that has destroyed a fortress. Initially, Moroha sets off alone on this one after Towa and Setsuna tell her they’d rather do other things. This gives us a window into just how lonely Moroha is.

Meanwhile, Towa asks the corpse dealer what it would take to put a bounty out on the dream butterfly. It just so happens that it’s the same amount that’s on the demon he just sent Moroha to slay, so Towa convinces Setsuna to catch up with Moroha so the three can slay this demon together. As it turns out, the demon in question is Konton and there’s a young Meioju who wants revenge against him for murdering his father. 

Again we have some good character development and it was nice to see the girls have to get creative to accomplish their goals. In addition, this is where the plot starts to really get going with the introduction of Konton as another antagonist. 

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