Yashahime Season 1 Episode 7: Meeting Through an Apple- Review

Towa escaping the mansion

In Meeting Through an Apple, Towa is frustrated after Setsuna leaves her behind, so she sets off alone to track down the dream butterfly. On her way, she gets lost and meets Riku, who will become an important character later in the season. After talking for a little while, they part ways and he leaves her with the genuine Kikuichimonji. There’s just one little problem… he stole that from the deputy shogun’s estate. Towa is arrested and taken back to the Deputy Shogun along with the sword, where they interrogate her, not about the theft but about the future. Meanwhile, Setsuna and Moroha search for her, gaining a new appreciation for her along the way.

This is a fun one because it gives context to the framing device from episode one. It’s also really nice to see the evolution in the group dynamics with Moroha and Setsuna actually learning to cooperate. Up until this point, Moroha would rush in without really thinking and the twins would back her up because they kind of had to at that point. This time when Setsuna told Moroha to wait and let her take out the lesser of the two demons they dealt with in the episode, she actually listens. When Setsuna locates Towa and the main body of the demon they’re fighting, she lets Moroha, whose skills are better equipped for what they needed to do, take the shot. It’s subtle, you’d miss it if you didn’t pay attention, but it’s really nice to see the girls growing not just as individuals but as a group.


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