Yashahime Season 1 Episode 6: The Cat Juan at the Old Temple- Review

Fighting the Giant Ghost Cat

In this episode, the corpse dealer gives the girls a job to investigate disappearances in the mountains. On the way there, they discover a village infested by demons known as ghost cats. The ghost cats prove pretty easy to defeat and the girls follow the ones who ran away to a temple. Once there, they’re invited to take shelter for the night by the monk who lives there. However, this is actually the source of the ghost cats, with the main one having been sealed under the temple and recently released.

This episode is another fun one. There are some hilarious moments from both Moroha and Towa and with them, we learn some small characterization details about these two. Moroha can’t sing, and Towa is a cat person. This is also the episode where Towa figures out that she has the ability to steal demon energy from other demons, something that will prove invaluable at several points going forward. There are also a few more fun callbacks to the original series.

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