Yashahime Season 1 Episode 5: The Red Bone Palace- Review

Moroha being Moroha

Having arrived in the feudal era, Towa and Setsuna accept a job to slay a demon who pulls the bones out of the bodies of his victims. Moroha is separately assigned by the corpse dealer to slay the same demon because she had already slain that demon’s father.

This episode introduces us to the first glimpse we get into Moroha’s backstory, though it only takes us back a few weeks or months. Through the battle itself, the group dynamic between the three girls evolves a little bit. Towa starts to realize that her pacifist mindset won’t work so well in the feudal era and Setsuna gains more respect and appreciation for Moroha. We also get our first real look at Moroha’s powers in action. She demonstrates more of her demon powers than we’ve seen thus far and that she has a wider array of spiritual powers than just the bow.

This one is where the actual main plot gets going, and it’s a fun episode. In hindsight though, it does bring into focus how jumbled the actual plot was early on in the season. Hopefully, it all gets brought together and makes more sense in season 2. 

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