Yashahime Season 1 Episode 2: The Three Princesses- Review

Setsuna, Towa, & Moroha

The Three Princesses introduces us to our three main characters for this series (Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha) and giving us a snapshot of what each of their lives is like. Setsuna is a demon slayer, Moroha is a bounty hunter, and Towa, having been transported 450 years forward to the modern-day, is a middle school student who has no idea about her demon heritage. The episode spends the most time with Towa. It opens with the story of how she spent her earliest years in a forest with Setsuna until the two were separated in a forest fire. That same night Towa was transported to the future ending up being raised by Kagome’s brother Sota.

We also learn how she has struggled to fit into modern society and had to transfer schools several times due to getting in trouble for fighting, though her inner monologue tells us that she doesn’t start the fights she gets into. Frustrated, the bullies who have been unable to beat her resort to kidnapping and holding her adopted little sister and their grandparents hostage. Much to their surprise, Towa has been holding back this entire time, but with her family tied up against a tree, that’s over. It doesn’t take long once Towa shows these thugs what she’s really capable of for them to realize they’re in way over their heads and make a run for it. 

Back in the feudal era, there’s a skirmish between Moroha and the demon slayers over the identity of the demon responsible for recent attacks on a local village and who gets to slay it. However, it’s not long into this fight before Root Head shows up again and whisks Moroha, Setsuna, and the demon off to the modern era just like he did with Towa ten years earlier.

This episode is a much better series kickoff! We get a much better glimpse into the lives and personalities of our new main trio. We also get the first few real hints into the situation and how we got from where Inuyasha left off to where we are now, with half of the previous main cast missing in action.

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