Hey guys, I know this is a hard shift from what we usually post here, but I just found out about this, and I am LIVID. This family needs our help; even if you don’t read or share any other post, share this one. There is a petition to help bring Amen’Ra home to his family. I’ll link it, his mother’s Instagram, and the website the parents made down below so you can share it with everyone you can. I cannot stress enough how important this is.

This past March, Amen’Ra was LEGALLY KIDNAPPED by CPS in Florida and removed from a safe and loving home. Amen’Ra was in the process of transitioning to solid foods but was having trouble transitioning. His mother, Syesha, was understandably concerned and sought the help of medical professionals. She consulted two physicians and a lactation specialist within the span of a month. When he was still struggling with the transition, she brought him to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St Petersburg, FL, to get extra fluids. During his treatment, it was recommended that Amen’Ra receive a B-12 shot. As it was not urgently needed, his mother exercised her right to wait for his father to be present while deciding whether or not to give their son the shot.

The hospital accused these completely innocent parents of “negligence.” Why? Because they dared to exercise their rights and asked questions regarding their son’s treatment. Hospital staff falsified documents that led to their son being forcibly and illegally taken from them. Multiple audio recordings, along with Amen’Ra’s medical records, show that his parents complied with everything the hospital recommended for their son (including the B-12 shot in question) and that his health had greatly improved. These poor parents were very well respected in their community and nothing in their history warranted the treatment they have received. You can read the full details of what happened on Syesha’s Instagram, Operation Stop CPS, and the website the family created to document this whole ordeal. I urge everyone to read them, sign the petition, and share it with everyone you can. Together we can help #BringRaHome and hopefully stop injustice like this from continuing to happen.

You can read the parents’ website here.

Syesha’s Instagram has more information about what’s happening.

Here is the organization Ra’s parents are working with and more information about what happened.

You can sign the petition to #BringRaHome here.

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