The Little Twins: A Forgotten Gem

The Little Twins

The Little Twins is a 13 episode animated children’s series produced by Toei Animation. It was originally released in Japan in 1992. However, it didn’t release in the US until 1999. It ran on Nick Jr. for two weeks and then, strangely, never again; but did have a partial home video release in 2000 and was re-released on DVD in 2004.

Most of the series (9 out of 13 episodes), is impossible to find online. Unfortunately, only four of the original thirteen episodes were included in the home releases. Those same four episodes are the only ones that can be found online. However, from the four episodes that can still be found, it’s possible to get a feel for the series.

Tiny elf creatures live on an island where they are surrounded by regular-sized plants and animals. It’s a peaceful town where the residents get along and help each other for the most part. Unsurprising for a children’s show, the series follows the island’s children, with the two main characters being a pair of twins known as Piper and Petal in the English dub, as they and their friends learn about life, explore their world, and in general, grow up, over the course of roughly a year. The plots are simple, just everyday people dealing with everyday tasks and problems. They don’t have a bad guy, they don’t need one. That’s a rarity in storytelling, even today.

I loved it when it originally ran on Nick Jr when I was a little girl. I rewatched the four episodes that still exist as I prepared to write this article. Watching them with the eyes of an adult, It struck me how much I still enjoyed it.

It’s simplistic, but unlike a lot of shows that teach life lessons, it’s not preachy. Despite how simple it is, the characters and the world still feel developed and engaging. The animation is beautiful and timeless. So, even though most of the series may never again see the light of day outside of Japan, and while I wouldn’t necessarily call it an anime. I still think it’s worth remembering that this series exists. For those of us who saw it as children in the 90s, it will always be part of our childhood. With all its beauty and charm, it deserves not to be forgotten.

I hope and pray that we find the rest of the series someday. It’s probably in some forgotten corner of Nickelodeon’s archives or on a VHS tape in someone’s grandparents’ basement. I hope that the other episodes are rediscovered and posted online for new generations to watch and enjoy.

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